The Police Reserves of Suffolk County (SCPR) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to enhancing the relationship between police, business and the community.


SCPR was founded in 1997 by Loring Miller and Ira Leibowitz, closely modeled after similar organizations in neighboring counties. Our mission of support for police officers and the department was welcomed and authorized by both the Commissioner of Police and the Public Safety Committee of the Suffolk County Legislature, allowing the organization to be formed and chartered with the subsequent election of a governing Board of Directors and Corporate Officers.


SCPR provides moral support to members of the Suffolk County Police Department and other law enforcement agencies serving Suffolk County, New York with programs that, to date, include scholarships to children of police officers and to officers themselves, special funding of departmental programs, assistance to officers when special needs arise and meritorious awards. Other programs and funding are given consideration and developed as necessary by the board of directors, sometimes at the request or suggestion of the police department or the police unions.

In addition to our ongoing scholarships and meritorious awards, we were particularly privileged to fund and present thousands of "09-11-01" Uniform Citation Bars to all officers after the attacks on the WTC, a special "Patriots Night" in 2008 honoring all officers simultaneously serving in the military and our most ambitious program to date; the presentation of thousands of "Sandy 2012" Uniform Citation Bars - at a special ceremony in May of 2013 - to members of all law enforcement agencies in the county.

It is SCPR philosophy that a high level of communication and interaction between the community and its police results in higher morale, thereby positively affecting the committed and appropriate effort by our police in the performance of their duties.